Are you a distance-learning student and are having difficulties enrolling in classes due to a prerequisite error?

Fill out an Online Course Request/Prerequisite Override Card, available as a downloadable Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) file.Using your LACCD email send the Online Course Request/Prerequisite Override card to

We will not process the course request if the email is sent from a personal email account, no exceptions.

If the prerequisite(s) has/have been met, and you do not have holds on your account, you will be enrolled in the requested course. If the course is full, you will be placed on the waiting list. In any case, you will receive a confirmation email from Admissions and Records. You will receive a notification within two business days after the email is received by our office. Please be aware that Admissions and Records is not available to provide you with the partial status of a course request