2010 Inductee

Marv Dunphy

Marv Dunphy

In 1966 Marv Dunphy came to Pierce after graduating from Taft High School. He then was drafted to Vietnam, and on his return in 1970 he became a Physical Education Major. During his time at Pierce, Geri Fiorello organized a co-ed Volleyball Tournament in which the winner received a turkey. Marvís team won the tournament. Marv stated, ďThe coaching staff at Pierce helped transform me into the person I am today. I realize that I was in the presence of greatness when I came to Pierce.Ē

While he was at Pierce, Marv went to Japan as an exchange student and learned the formal way to play volleyball. Upon his return from Japan, he found that Pierce had no menís volleyball team. He and a group of men got a sponsor from the Physical Education Department to become their head coach. That person was Gerry Perry.

Marv was one of the first menís volleyball players to come out of Pierce. In 1972 he transferred to Pepperdine University and played volleyball there.

Marv is now in his 27th season as Head Coach for the Waves, and just got his 500th career win. During his twenty seven years at Pepperdine Marv has coached two Olympic teams; one in 1988 and most recently in 2008. Marv has won five NCAA Championships, has had eight National Players of the Year, and seventy five All-American players play under him.

In 1994, Dunphy was formally recognized for his immense contribution to the sport, as he was inducted into the Volleyball Hall of Fame in Holyoke, Mass. His 1988 Olympic Team was inducted in the fall of 1999. He was also inducted into the American Volleyball Coaches Association Hall of Fame in December 2009 as well as the California Community Colleges Menís Volleyball Coaches Association in 2009.