Pierce College Campus Alerts


Students--Mandatory Password Change to Access the New Student Portal at Pierce

All LACCD colleges including Pierce College are moving to a new Student Information System (SIS) reached by a central Student Portal. It allows students a single sign-on for all our systems for a much-improved experience. To begin, each student is required to update his/her password... [more]

Go to College for One Year for Free? It's the Promise

Pierce College’s district, Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD), introduces the L.A. College Promise, which will provide one year of free enrollment at an LACCD college to all full-time qualifying students graduating from Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and charter high schools. [more]

Birch, Elm and Ginger -- What are those Tree Names?

If you’ve seen the names Alder, Birch, Elm, Ginger, Holly, Juniper and Iris next to a classroom number in the schedule of classes, you might be wondering what they are. These will be the new names of the buildings that have been renovated in the “North of Mall” -- a central area of campus surrounding the botanical garden. [more]

STEM Week Opens Feb. 22 at Pierce College with Free Events

STEM Week takes off on February 22, 2017 in the Great Hall at 11 a.m. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics majors or anyone interested in these subjects should come to the free events. On Wednesday, Feb. 22 is the STEM Majors Fair ... [more]

Register Now for Spring Classes at Pierce College--Classes are Filling

Spring Semester—beginning Feb. 6, 2017—is the perfect time to make a fresh commitment to your educational goals. The Spring Schedule of Classes is posted and it's time to register now. [more]

Los Angeles Pierce College Earns White House Healthy Campus Designation

L.A. Pierce College has been deemed a “White House Healthy Campus” and representatives traveled to the White House to participate in Healthy Campus Challenge Day on Jan. 13, 2017. First Lady Michelle Obama will offer remarks at the event. [more]

Important Announcement for Winter Students--Your Classroom May Have Changed

About half of the Winter Intersession classes have just been relocated into different buildings. PLEASE CHECK THE NEW WINTER CLASSES SCHEDULE FOR "WEB" (not the print version) to see where your Winter classroom is before Winter begins on Jan. 3rd, 2017. [more]